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earthBound Salon and Day Spa | Microblading

March 14, 2018


Welllll, I did it! I blogged about something that isn’t a wedding! I got so many messages about my brows that I decided to do a little blog post on itttttt. Also note, I was NOT paid to say this. This blog post is for the greater good of our brows, girlfriends.

I chose earthBound Salon and Day Spa and I’ve literally never been happier! Below you’ll see before, one day after and then once I was all healed up! Disregard these super closeups and the fact that I wish that Microblading also covered up these mom eyebags.

I’m pretty blonde and my brows are blonder, so I used to draw my brows on everyday. EVERY SINGLE DAY. It took so long and it didn’t even look real. It was too dark and it took too long and I got two kids, yo. So this is more of a PSA, girlssss, JUST DO IT. But go to someone who has been doing it for a LONG TIME. Loan (pronounced like Lon) has been doing this forever, way before it became super hip and you don’t want someone messing your face up.

How it all started:

I go to Earthbound to get my brows waxed (you know, the baby hairs that get super annoying, because Lord knows that I didn’t have enough to actually shape). I complained to Loan every time that I hated my brows and I just wanted them to look good all the time so she started talking to me about Microblading. Initially I was freaked outttt. Was it a tattoo? On my face? So many misconceptions. It’s NOT a tattoo. It’s a pigment so it will fade after a year or two and you just have to go back and get it touched up!

The before:

So you do your consultation and appointment on the same day. Your total appointment is about two hours. The first hour you sit down and tell her what you’re thinking and what you think you want. She takes what you tell her, makes it ten times better and then shapes them out for you so you know exactly how they are going to look. Once you both agree on a shape, you then agree on a color.

The process:

Once you’ve got your shape and your color figured out, Loan puts a little numbing cream on you. You sit for about 20 minutes and then she starts working her magic. It hurt a little bit but the actual process only takes maybeee 30-45 minutes. She draws those brows right on and when you sit back up BOOM, BROWS. Though they do look real right off the bat, they are initially a little bit darker than the final result will be. It takes about four or five weeks to heal and then you go back for a followup appointment. So initially they are a few shades darker, then they lighten up, disappear and then come back for good. It’s like MAGIC. You go back for a followup about a month after and she checks on how it’s healed and fills in any spots that might need it.

The hardest part is that you can’t get them we for five days. Ok, it wasn’t that bad but I also love to submerge my face in water in the shower.

The after:

I’m all healed up and OBSESSED. I haven’t had to fill them in once and they look like real, natural brows. Not too thick, not thin or too blonde. My face looks WAY more natural and I’ve given myself soooo much time back.

Moral of the story. DO IT. If you’re in Wilmington, I recommend Loan at earthBound, it’s right on Carolina Beach Road since she’s the only person I’d trust to do anything like that to my face!



one day afterrrrr

done dealllll!

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